Akuna is software architecture and user environment, funded under the Department of Energy ASCEM project, that provides a set of tools for environmental modeling and simulation of subsurface processes using advanced simulators running on super computers. Akuna is designed to support an iterative workflow of the activities shown in the figure below. Akuna provides the following key capabilities:
  • A set of desktop tools to develop conceptual and numerical models,
  • Toolsets to seemlessly run simulations, sensitivity analyses, uncertain quantification and parameter estimation ensembles on a range of computing platforms
  • A database of DOE site characterization and monitoring data that can be incorporated into conceptual models
  • Pluggable support for multiple simulators
  • Remote visualization of large data sets
  • Real time monitoring of simulations and ensembles
  • A range of plots and analysis capabilities
  • A web-based knowledge environment that supports user annotation, linking, and semantic searching
  • Robust, scalable content management system to store simulations related information with public and private workspaces
Akuna is initially being tested with the Amanzi simulator on problems from two DOE sites: Hanford, WA and Savannah River, SC. Akuna will be open sourced some time after the initial release.

Further information is being maintained on the Akuna Wiki. Please use the "Request an Account" link for access.

Last Updated: January 2013
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