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Installing Akuna

Installing Akuna

System Requirements

  • Hardware requirements: Desktop computer with at least 1 GB memory
  • Software requirements: 64-bit Windows 7, Java 7 or 8

Downloading and Installing Akuna

The user installs the Akuna software on a local machine, but logs into the client program on the ASCEM server to access data and analysis applications. The Akuna UI runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.  The Akuna software can be downloaded for all operating systems at

Java is no longer bundled with Akuna. You must install the Java JDK 1.7 or higher on your computer in order for Akuna to run. The JDK may be downloaded from

Java JDK 1.7

Java JDK 1.8

During the installation, the user will be prompted to select the maximum memory allocated for Akuna. The amount of memory selected should depend on the total memory of the computer. The default during installation is 2GB, which is sufficient for most applications.

Windows Operating System

Installing Under Windows

Akuna runs on 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems. Akuna is not currently supported on Windows 8. Java JDK must be installed first, prior to installing Akuna (see above).

Akuna can be installed on all Windows operating systems using the Windows Installer (.exe) installation package. It is strongly recommended that Akuna be installed in a user-owned directory. The default installation directory is located in the user directory ($USER_HOME/Akuna).

Uninstalling Under Windows

To unistall Akuna, find the directory where Akuna is installed and delete. Akuna does not make any changes to the Windows registry, so it is not necessary to remove Akuna through the Windows Control Panel.

Mac Operating System

Installing Under Mac

Akuna runs on Mac OS X and is installed using a jar file. The Java JDK must be installed first, prior to installing Akuna (see above). Users may need to enter the path to where Java JDK is installed during the Akuna installation.

To install Akuna under Mac OS X, double-click the downloaded .jar file to launch, or use the java -javakuna.mac.x86_64.jar` command in a terminal window. 

Uninstalling Under Mac

To uninstall Akuna, find the directory where Akuna is installed, and remove it by moving it to the trash.

Linux Operating System

Installing Under Linux

To install Akuna under Linux, use the java -jar akuna.linux.x86_64.jar` command in a terminal window.

Uninstalling Under Linux

To uninstall Akuna, find the the directory where Akuna is installed and remove it using the rmdir command.


User Feedback

Improving the Akuna installation depends on the support and feedback of users. If the installation is lacking some important feature, or if a bug is discovered, please report it by emailing

Automatic Updates

Akuna has an automatic update feature that will notify the user of updates after logging in. If software updates exist, a message will appear in the lower right corner of the Akuna startup screen. To update, the user must click on the notification box, and accept the license agreement to install. Although the user is asked to restart or continue working, it is strongly recommended to restart Akuna once installation is complete. It is also recommended to install software updates as they become available.