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Tutorials Perspective

Tutorials Perspective

Tutorials Perspective Structure

Direct access to Akuna’s tutorials is provided on both the Home screen, as well as on the Perspective Shortcut Bar (labelled Tutorials) . Tutorials provide guidance on Navigation, Model Setup and the four simulation toolsets (SR, SA, PE and UQ) (Figure 1).

The Tutorial perspective is divided in four main views (Figure 1):

  • Tutorials view: gives direct access to the individual tutorials.
  • Tutorial data view: provides the directory tree structure of the input and output files used in the tutorial.
  • Summary view: displays main properties of files and folder selected in the Tutorial Data view.
  • Preview view: allows the user to visualize files selected in the Tutorial Data view (e.g., ascii files).

Figure 1. Tutorial Perspective Structure.

Tutorial Views

The Tutorial View gives access to the individual tutorials (e.g., Model Setup, Single Run). When clicking on a topic, the associated guidance is displayed in the right pane. It is possible to have several panes active (Figure 1, [1])..

Tutorial View

The tutorials are displayed through the internal web browser in the tutorial view. Users can drag this view to create a new window that can be re-sized for easier viewing.

Tutorial Data View

This view displays the directory tree structure of the Tutorial data.

Summary View

The Summary View provides detailed information regarding the item selected in the directory tree structure in the Tutorial Data View. The Summary View will always provide general information including the path of the file, the author, the date of creation or date of modification of an item.

However, depending on the item selected (e.g., conceptual model, toolset), the type of information displayed will differ to provide information pertinent to the particular toolset (e.g, grid size for a conceptual model, algorithm used for the UQ toolset).

Preview View

This pane shows a preview of the file (text or image) selected in the directory tree structure. The size of the file is also displayed.

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