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User Interface

User Interface

Basics of the Akuna Visual Interface: Perspectives and Views

The Akuna Graphic User Interface (GUI) was developed with the Open Source Eclipse software known for its Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Two terms important to navigating Akuna are perspectives and views (Figure 1).

A perspective is the name given to an initial collection and arrangement of views in the user interface. Each perspective provides a set of windows that is tailored to a specific task.

A view is a visual component (or window) within the perspective. Each view is tailored to a specific function.

A perspective can show any number of views (Figure 1).

Figure 1. A Typical Perspective Layout in Akuna With its Arrangement of Views (My Workspace Perspective)

Akuna provides the default perspective shown in Figure 1. This perspective contains a collection of three separate windows or views: Preview, Summary and File Browser. The collection of windows is entitled the My Workspace perspective.

Opening a Perspective

There are two ways to open a new Perspective:

  1. The Perspective Shortcut Bar (see Figure 1) provides quick access to the most commonly used perspectives in Akuna. Navigate to a specifc perspective just by clicking on its name in the shortcut bar.
  2. From the Menu Bar (see Figure 1), click on Window > Open Perspective > Other or click on and select the desired perspective (Figure 2).
  3. Figure 2. Open Perspective Menu.

Customizing a Perspective

The arrangement of the Views can be changed by dragging the view tabs to different locations within the window (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Example of Perspective Customization. The Summary View (Window 1) is dragged to the upper-right corner of the window.

Views can also be resized, added or removed. To add Views that are not displayed in a specific perspective by default, click on Window > Open View > Other and select the View to be displayed (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Adding Views to a Perspective.

Return to the default layout by choosing Window > Reset Perspective

At any point of time, several perspectives can be opened simultaneously. Freely switch between these perspectives by clicking on the perspectives shortcut bar.

Closing a Perspective

To close a perspective, click on Window > Close Perspective or click on the close button in the Perspective Name Tab (Figure 1).

Akuna's Perspectives

Akuna comes with seven perspectives that offer different action and presentation sets. The general description of each of them are described below. Click on the link in the table below for a description of each of the perspectives.


Home Welcome Perspective (default) - Access to features that will get the user started with Akuna
Tutorials Direct Access to Akuna's tutorial
My Workspace Displays the directory tree structure for both shared and private user workspaces
 Search Provides simple or advances search tools
Remote System Explorer Allows the user to browse remote servers
Users Provides view information about other users of the Akuna server
Teams Provides view information about Akuna teams of which the user is a member