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What Is Akuna

What is Akuna?


Akuna is the user interface to a collection of toolsets that are part of the Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management (ASCEM) Platform software suite. Akuna provides users with a range of tools to manage environmental and simulator data sets, translate conceptual models to numerical models (including grid generation), execute simulations, and visualize results. Additional toolsets provide users with methods for sensitivity analysis, model calibration and uncertainty quantification (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Simulation Toolsets.


Data Management Toolset

The Data Management Toolset provides techniques for managing, analyzing, and assessing the data and linking them with simulation models. The Data Management Toolset can be used for visualizing groundwater plumes and the rapid incorporation of the measurement data in the simulation analyses.

Simulation Toolsets

Toolsets provide users with methods for analyzing uncertainty and calibrating the model to historical data. The Toolsets (Figure 1) allow the user to maximize a model's potential by performing

  1. Uncertainty evaluations with respect to dose and risk, and to quantify and communicate errors in simulated results that are used to make regulatory decisions (UQ, RA)
  2. Calibration to develop models that are consistent with the data (PE)
  3. Assessments to identify new measurements that will improve prediction reliability (SA, UQ)
  4. Decision support to optimize monitoring well locations, spatial density and temporal frequency of sampling (DS)

Visualization Toolsets

Akuna provides tools to quickly visualize predicted contaminant plumes and animate them in time.  The toolsets also provide methods to visualize prediction uncertainty that aid in regulatory decisions at waste sites.

Collaborative Workflow Environment

Akuna provides a collaborative, central server location, which eliminates the need to transfer large data sets between working groups and computers. Within the collaborative workflow environment, data and simulation provenance is automatically maintained to help meet regulatory quality assurance requirements.

High Performance Computing Access

The scale of computational models and simulations is growing to address ever more complex challenges at waste sites. Akuna provides easy access to high performance computing (HPC) resources to users who might not be familiar with batch queue systems and usage protocols on different supercomputers and clusters.